About The Atelier

The Atelier Chiang Mai has been created by two fashion lovers. The first objective of the clothing manufacturing company was to produce high quality fashion clothes for the luxury french brand called Nathalie Fordeyn Paris.

Indeed, the fashion brand brand had been producing its clothing line in Chiang Mai for more than two years but always had quality problems with the existing atelier in Chiang Mai. The garments were very expensive to produce and the quality very poor. This is why the two young creator of the brand Nathalie Fordeyn Paris decided to create their own workshop.

After few month, the atelier expanded quickly and decided to offer its high quality clothing manufacturing services at a reasonable price to other companies and everyone in general. The  highly qualified stitchers and pattern makers of the workshop are now producing clothing for fashion brands or capsule collection fr concept stores but also production per piece for wedding dresses for everyone.


The idea of the workshop :

“Be creative and express yourself, we take care of the rest. ” 

logo-atelier-3Testimonial of Damien PARA – Client Relation and Commercial Director at The Atelier

“For many years, we tried to find a great manufacturer to produce our own designer brand clothing line. During years, we tried to work with several fashion manufacturer in China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand but none of them was professional enough to meet our standard. As a fashion brand, we need to find a clothing manufacturer for our fashion label, that we can trust. Finally, we decided to create our own factory based on European standard of quality, delivery, planning and we created our own network of fabric supplier in order to get the best price for the best quality.”

“In 2015, we realized that many other designer were looking for clothes factory in asia that was able to meet their requirement and we decided to open the atelier chiang mai to other fashion labels. Since then, the factory has been growing steadily and many designers and fashion label have choosen to work with us for several collections now. We would be glad to help you produce your fashion label clothing line.”