Our clients

At the beginning, the Atelier Thailand was only a clothing and apparel BtoB manufacturer company offering high quality clothes production services to businesses, fashion brands and professionals. Even if we extended our services to personal customer, we are still mainly working as a medium to large scale clothing manufacturer in Thailand for brands and professionals.



Who are the first clients of The Atelier Thailand.

Nathalie Fordeyn – Fashion Brand – Paris – France

Production of 2000 pieces per year.

The designer brand Nathalie Fordeyn Paris has been created in 2014 and produces premium to high end clothing and garments for several markets. The brand has been expanding quickly and now produced for the following markets : France, Italy, Japan, China and Russia. The designer works with particularly structured technical clothes with creative patterns and standard European sizes for high end concept stores. The Atelier Thailand works closely with Nathalie since the beginning and offer a fully integrated manufacturing service from pattern making to shipment.

“The ideal partner for a high end fashion brand”

Things That Make you Happy – Concept Store – Belgium – Antwerpen

Production of 200 pieces per collection.

Things That Makes you Happy is a famous concept store in Antwerpen. The concept store started to produce its own collection every six month in direct relation with our designer and pattern makers. The capsule collections offers premium quality clothes made in thailand produces for the European markets.

“Best clothing production company in Asia”

Wakoo Collections – Concept Store – Paris – France

Production 200 clothes per collection.

Wakoo is a Fernch high end fashion and accessories concept store. The Atelier is producing high end quality garments every 3 month based on Wakoo’s designs and patterns.

“This is exactly what my brand needed”

Japanese Scarf Ltd – Fashion Professional – Tokyo – Japan

Production of 4000 scarves per year

Japanese Scarf Ltd produces high end scarves for the Japanese market. Very precise in term of quality control and quality assurance, this high en fashion professional has been growing very fast and now sells thousands of scarfs over the world. Our dear partner send us the textile and designs and we produce following his instruction.


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