Production process

In most of the clothing manufacturer in Thailand, the production process is not properly structured and this can cause several problems including production delays, quality problems, customs clearance or packing mistake. In the atelier, for every clothes or accessories produced a clearly defined manufacturing procedure is applied.





Manufacturing process based on the European Standard Project Management procedures

Every design and production of a new fashion line must pass through several steps. Here in The Atelier, we call them the”DSPS-PQPS” or in short, the DS Process.

This process allows us to clearly divide the different manufacturing steps and to have a particular procedure for every steps in order to optimize the production.

What do you need from your manufacturing supplier in Thailand ?

When we do receive an order from a professional client such as a Fashion brand or a concept store capsule collection, we first need to perfectly understand the need of our client.

Some Fashion Brands already have prototypes and the materials and textile and just needs  the PQPS part of the production process (Production, Quality Control, Packaging and Shipment). Some designers only have a clear design and would need support on sourcing and samples production.

This production procedures allow us to clearly define your need and to bring the most optimized Fashion pieces and garments production process possible.


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