Handmade Production

In the Atelier, every clothes are handmade in Thailand. From the beginning to the end of the process, all the pieces pass through several steps that are all made by hand. On demand, we can also source material that are 100% natural and hand woven.

How are the handmade clothes produced ?

From the first step of the process, every material and textile pass through the expert hands of our pattern makers and highly trained stitchers. The pattern are not machine made as they are all cut by hand. The sample, as well as the production pieces are stitched by hand. Every finitions, lining and washing instruction stitching are also handmade. Even the packaging process and the quality process is handmade by our team. We produce hand made garments made in Thailand.

Why do we produce handmade clothes ?

Every machine production process means standard process. The best way to adapt ourselves to particular demande of our clients is to be flexible through handmade process. We do not want to loose our skills or our flexibility because of machine made mass production.

Furthermore, handmade clothes, when they are produced by highly skills persons, are always more luxurious and well finished. Our clients can also explain to their client, the professional work and the time that it took to produce every single pieces ; giving them therefore an advantage over their competitors that produce with mass machine production factories.

What type of pieces do we produce by hand ?

All and every of our pieces are handmade. We produce textile bags, dresses, scarfs, coats, skirts, shirts, trousers, jumpsuits, and anything else that involve garments and textile.


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