Quality Control

The Quality control is still rare for Clothing Manufacturer in Asia.

Every fashion brands, in it’s early day faces the same quality control problem. Indeed, it is one thing to make perfect prototypes but it is another thing to make sure that the production of hundreds of pieces has the same quality standard. This is why, The Atelier Thailand included in its production process, a systematic and detail oriented check of every garments produced.

When are the quality process checks made in the production process

During the production process we included three major quality checks :

  • Quality control of the material and textile received from the supplier
  • After stitching Quality control
  • Magnifying glass Quality control before packaging

How do we set the quality standard ?

Every company, depending on its price positioning and its quality standards, has its own requirements. Some <strong>high end fashion brand</strong> will need a very precise check while mass production retailers will set a lower standard on quality requirements. This is why, with The Atelier Chiang Mai, you do decide for your quality standard.


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