After more than 8 years experience in the fashion design industry, the Atelier Chiang Mai and its team managed to create a real professional textile supplier network providing any kind of good from natural to luxurious fabrics and textile at a very reasonable price. The Atelier Chiang Mai group is now considered as one of the most skilled and reliable clothing manufacturer in asia.

Sourcing textile for your brand

Thanks to our great suppliers, the Atelier Thailand has the fabric and textile that you need. Depending on your designs and needs, and aside of our design consulting service, we can help you find the textile you need. We have suppliers providing great baby alpaga yarn from Peru and United States, Alcantara supplier agreements from Italy, High end wool quality from China, Amazing silk from Thailand, creative embroideries from Paris and much more.

We can advise you about fashion design and material if you need

Thanks to our experience and depending on your designs, we can help you choose the most suitable material. After more than 4 year experience with our own brand, we know the importance of design and fabric coherence. We have knowledge about the relation between pattern, design and fabrics. As an example, natural material such as handwoven cotton won’t look luxurious in white color fitted designed but might be very interesting in oversize pullover or top part of a dress.  We will be there to advise you if you need to be.


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