Quality standards

The Atelier Chiang mai is a premium and High quality clothing manufacturing company. We work with high end fashion brands such as Nathalie Fordeyn Paris but we can adapt our quality standards and therefore price quotation to your need.


What is our clothing production standard production policy.

The fashion brands and concept stores searching for a clothing production company in Asia are usually looking for a partner able to help them reduce their production cost. But it does not mean that the quality standard can be lowered or their partner less professional. This is why, at the Atelier Chiang-Mai we have implemented a European quality production process, manufacturing procedures and standards and contractual quality guarantee.

Clothes Quality Control standard production procedure.

On our production process, every pieces has to pass through 3 quality control steps. First, fabric quality control upon reception. Second, mid production process quality control. Third, magnifying glasses quality control before packaging. This three steps ensure you and your clients that every produced dress, coats or clothes in general has absolutely no defect.


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