Guarantee Service

It is often complicate for a US or a EU fashion brand or concept store to work with a clothing manufacturer in Asia that provides a professional service. The Atelier Thailand is managed by European and Thai entrepreneurs that faced several garments production problems for their own brand. This is why, nowadays, thanks to this experience, the Atelier provide a fully integrated and professional garments production service to its clients.




Searching for a professional clothing production & service partner in Asia

In order to ensure a professional service in a sane environment with a responsible and trust able partner, our Workshop provides the following guarantees :

  • Quality Control Process
  • Production Schedule
  • Shipment and Custom Release Management
  • US & EU Compliance
  • Respect of Human Rights
  • Environmental Policy


Free – Price Quotation & Production Schedule proposal in less than 48 hours 



Control Quality – A factory in Asia that you can trust


Fabric control from the textile factory

When we do receive the fabrics, our team directly check the quality of it but most importantly, we verify that the fabrics has no mark and/or no dirt. Indeed, many textile manufacturer does not take very good care of their fabrics and some of them send dirty fabric. Feel free to check our article on fabric factories in India for more details. If there is a problem with the fabric, we directly let you know and we decided together the best way to manage the problem. This is a free service from our clothing factory.

We work very closely with several different fabric manufacturer in Thailand and in China. Those manufacturers are very reliable and, thanks to years of partnership, we know how they work and we no that we can trust them. Furthermore, the delivery time is usually less than two weeks and we also can provide very competitive prices because of the overall quantity that we source from them. This is why we always advise to use our material for the production of your clothing line.


Magnifying glasses control after production

Directly after production, our second quality control step involve a very careful check of all the garments. Many different fashion brands ask us to directly ship their fashion production to their client and we are responsible for the quality of the garments. Therefore, this very detailed quality check ensure that you will receive the products with the quality you need. This service is mainly used for high end quality garments.


Last quality control during packaging

During the packaging, we do a final quality check in order to make sure that the garment are perfect. We then pack the garment depending on your specifications. Usually, we pack the garments in an hermetic plastic bag. This professional service is mandatory.



Delivery date guarantee or your clothing production

Before the creation of the atelier thailand clothing manufacturing, the owners have been producing their own fashion brand in Asia for more than 3 years. 90% of the time, the clothing production was delayed and sometimes with terrible impact on their professional relationship with their clients, concept store and fashion shops. A fashion designer do not have time to deal with this kind of problems and many brands bankrupted because of those problems. Thanks to our organisation this service is sure.


The Atelier has been created to help designers avoid those problems. Therefore, the delivery date is entirely guaranteed by the atelier chiang mai and provide insurance on delivery date. Focus on fashion design, we take care of the production of your clothing line.



Shipment and custom clearance of your clothes

The atelier Thailand dresses and garments manufacturing usually on what we call a FOB basis. IT means that we take responsibility of the package until is delivered to the shipping company. We do provide all the necessary documents to optimize custom clearance and to avoid any possible problems. Indeed, small production quantity often involve working with manufacturers without experience on custom clearance. The atelier takes care of it and help you focus on fashion design and your business.



Clothing industry and Human Rights

As we all know, most of the factories in India, Bengladesh and some in China and Vietnam exploits their seamstresses in a most terrble way. Forcing them to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week with no or very few holidays. Furthermore, the factory can be pretty dirty, noisy and the working conditions of the employees of the textile industry can be terrible. I suppose that you heard of the many Apparel factories collapsing or burning in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Here, at the Atelier clothing manufacturing Thailand, we choose a different approach. First of all, the seamstress works eight hours a day and six days out of seven. Even in Thailand, which already have a great live standard, most of the garment and apparel factory are open 7 days a week for 10 hours per day. How much time does it leaves you for your family and personal life ? Furthermore, our factory is in a white clean, solid and organized building of four floor. The Thailand factory working conditions are amazing good for the seamstress that loves to work here. If you don’t trust me, you will simply be able to ask them when you come visit our plant to produce your own fashion brand in Asia 😉



Garment factory with environmental responsibility

The Atelier clothes manufacturer Thailand does take very good care of its waste. Indeed all fabrics lost fabrics are reused or given to local and hill tribes indépendant seamstress. All the oil and chemical waste are properly deposed at the closest recycle plant. Every little step to a cleaner world is important.