Environment Protection

Nowadays, thanks to great evolution in term of technologies and process, human are able to produce an amazing amount of goods of any kind. Factories are everywhere and, greedy business owner often prefer to put their own wealth above the one of the many. At the Atelier, this is not the way we are and this is not the kind of people we want to be. The Atelier Thailand produces thousands of fashion dresses and clothes every year. As any clothes manufacturing company, we do have to deal with a consequent amount of waste. Let’s take a look at what we do …

How do we decrease our environmental and ecological impact

Even if we try to optimize our textile waste, we do create a serious amount of fabric loss every month. To lower this impact we follow the reuse/reduce/recycle cycle.

  • Reuse : When we produce a dress, around 5% of the fabric is loss on the manufacturing process. We do keep this so called waste in a special storage in order to add fashion details on the clothes we produce. Example : We produce 200 pieces of an skirt made with Alcantara. We will definitely end up with hundreds of small Alcantara pieces of 5cm x 10cm; Instead of trowing them away, we keep them in order to offer to our clients a luxury material solution for their detailed finitions.
  • Reduce :  As explained in our handmade production process, we do not work with computerized and heavy machines. This handmade process has a very low environmental impact.
  • Recycle : The Atelier Chiang Mai has all the facility allowing its team to optimize the recycle process. Every created waste is sorted in house and brought to the closest recycling facility. This system is very common in Europe and in the US but still very rare in Asia.

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