Human Rights

At the Atelier Chiang Mai, we care very much about the people we work with. As a premium & high end clothing production company in Thailand, we need to work with highly qualified and experienced people and we believe that the best way to be efficient and productive is to work in great conditions.





Working Conditions at the clothing workshop of the Atelier Chiang Mai

Our Workshop, based at the north of Chiang mai offers amazing working conditions compared to any clothing manufacturing company in Asia. The largest room, were all the stitchers works, are equipped with climatiseur, radio and refrigerator for cold drinks. The walls are white, new and clean with some art pieces, painting and fashion drawing. The atelier is an artistic and creative workshop and you will directly feel it if you come visit us.

The Managers and back office have their own offices perfectly equipped with internet, phones, radio, refrigerators and comfortable chairs and sofas.

Furthermore, a large area has been design and organized as a resting and dining room. We also have a special room for the children’s of our team. This rooms is equipped with books, games, tv, and dvds and sleeping beds.

Wages, salaries and employees at the Atelier Thailand

The minimum salary for a stitcher in Thailand is pretty low and do not always allow workers to have a good and decent life. This is why we our team is paid at least 2 times the minimum wage. This management has several advantages. The most important one is that the people working at the atelier are proud, independent and self sufficient people capable of embracing a bright future. Therefore, they are positive, productive, and well driven.

This guarantees are included in our contractual agreement.


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