Planning & Deadline

When a client decide to produce his clothing line or its wedding dress with us, we have to deliver on time. Indeed, in Asia’s clothing production companies, time is sometimes considered as a relative concept but, as a fashion brand or concept store owner or as a future bride, respect of the production timing is an absolute necessity. This is why, the Atelier chiang mai, as a proper professional clothing production partner, gives a contractual guarantee on the delivery date. If we say that can do it, then we will. Trust is the most important part of any business relation.

How long is the production process period in our workshop ?

This totally depend on the sourcing of fabrics, the amount of clothes that you order and the technical requirements of the garments. Please feel free to contact us for further details, timing and quotation.

How do we decide of the clothing production deadline ?

As soon as you contact us for quotation, a member of our team will give you a phone call or e-mail you back in English, Thai, French or Dutch, in order to clarify the project and give you the exact production schedule.


This guarantees are included in our contractual agreement.


Free – Price Quotation & Production Schedule proposal in less than 48 hours