US & EU Compliance

The Atelier has been working for many years with international brands such as Nathalie Fordeyn – Paris. We need our clients to trust us in every step of our clothing production in Thailand. This is why we provide an integrated manufacturing service including shipment and worldwide custom clearance an compliance.

Why is the US and EU custom clearance important ?

As we do work with established international brands and worldwide concept stores, we need to make sure that the shipment of our handmade clothes and accessories fits the customs standards and laws of every country worldwide. We do produce garments in Thailand and we are proud of it, but, as a Thai clothing manufacturing partner, it also means that we need to fulfill the custom requirements of every countries that our clients work with. This is why, the atelier Chiang Mai developed, with DHL and EMS, a clear standard procedure in order to ensure the custom clearance of every goods shipped from Thailand.

Why is the US and EU composition and law compliance important ?

Furthermore, we are very careful about the material and textile that we are working with. We make sure that all of the garments we produce are made with textile that fulfill the compliance laws of EU and US. We can then be sure that your collection will be shipped to your clients without law compliance or material composition problems.

This guarantees are included in our contractual agreement.


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