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Best Apparel Manufacturer in Thailand. Premium and High end quality clothes from small scale to large scale production

Create or Develop my clothing brand !

Looking for a garment production company your clothing collection? Look no further, L'Atelier is here to help you create the designs and produce the clothes your brand needs to grow.

The Atelier Chiang mai is a clothing manufacturer base in Chiang Mai Thailand. We produce high end women's wear for several brands all around the world. We can help you produce either if you are a Start Up Brand or an Established Fashion Brand.

Our garment production company in Thailand offers a production capacity of 10 000 pieces per month (depending of quality and finitions).

Choose your Clothing Production Manufacturing Quantity

Sample Production Only

You can produce your prototypes with us. Our very experienced pattern maker can make the patterns and we can start a production for you to test your idea out. 

But the prototyping process is the longest part of a production. So please keep in mind that the price will be significantly higher that the price of making sample for your brand collection than for a production.

Ideally, you will have to come to us with a clear Technical Pack (we can definitely help you on this part). Furthermore, we can help you source the fabrics but we will charge for this service unless you decide to use some of the fabrics we have in stock.

Production Start Up Brand

If you would like to produce a small scale production of 10 to 50 pieces per design, we can help you start your fashion project. Keep in mind that the small scale productions would not allow you to enjoy our Premium Production Service.  We will do our best to help you produce but several service will incur extra cost such  :

  • Fabric Sourcing service, excluding our in House Fabrics.
  • Technical Design Service, unless you use our Fashion Technical Design Template. Or if you already have a Technical Drawing
  • Pattern Making
  • Prototyping

Production for Developing Brand

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Production for Established Brands

If you are an established brand that needs to industrialize their clothing production. Enjoy our premium fully intagrated clothing manufacturing service and a dedicated production line. premium production service including :
  • Free Fabric Sourcing
  • Free Design Service – Tech Pack, Technical drawing study, …
  • Free Sampling & Pattern Making
  • Free Pattern making and Prototyping
  • Custom Packing Service
  • Sea Freight and Custom Optimization service (LCL / FCL)

What information do I need to give a clothing manufacturer to produce my brand's collection ?

When you want to launch your brand and try to produce your first fashion collection of clothes the first steps might be pretty confusing. How do I start my brand ? What informations should i send to the clothing manufacturer ? What are the steps to launch my clothing brand ? It is actually pretty easy to produce your first collection. But you will need to work on it a little bit. This is your product, and it is the most important asset of your brand so let’s make it great !

To produce your garment collection, follow this two simple steps :

What Fabric to use for my collection ?

Use our In House fabrics

Using the fabrics of the clothing manufacturer is the easiest and most cost effective way to find the right fabrics for your collection. We have an extensive selection of many different kind of fabrics. To check our in house fabrics availability, simply follow the link here under.

We simply ship your fabrics to our factory

We can easily produce with your fabrics. Ideally, your fabric manufacturer will be in Asia and we can simply ship your fabrics to our Clothing Manufacturing plant in Thailand.

No importation cost

Furthermore, we are an Accredited Board Of Investment Factory In Thailand. It means that we do not pay for any fabric importation cost. This will allow you to save a lot of money.
We can help you find any type of fabric. If your collection use special types of fabrics that we don’t have in house or that you do not source yourself we can help. Please keep in mind that for prototyping only, low and average order quantity, we will charge for this service.

What are the Designs of my collection ?

Your Technical Drawing and tech packs are ready ?

Great job !

Please just send us your tech pack and request at or just contact us through the website form.
We will help you move on quickly with your collection.

Making a clothes drawing

Don’t panick, everything will be fine 😉 !

If you are not a emerging brand or an established brand, making a clear tech pack can be pretty tricky. Please try to make a tech pack yourself and, even if your first tech pack is not perfect, we will help you narrow it down.

We can make a teck pack for you

If you want to create your collection the proper way !

If you don’t want to make a tech pack, no worry we can make one for you. The service is free for Established brand that want to make a large scale production. For other brands, we will have to charge for it but no worry, that is not a huge cost.

Furthermore, making a technical pack for your clothing collection pack will allow you to avoid any misunderstanding in order to make sure that we manufacturer the garments that you expect. In the long run, this solution can even allow you to save money by avoiding making several samples and ship them back and forth.

"It took my a long time to find a garment factory capable of providing a service of this quality, I have been producing my premium fashion brand with the Atelier for almost 4 years, quality is always there, and I can now focus on developing my brand and design.

Thanks A lot guys 😉