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scale up your brand
Usually, most of the fashion brands producing 50 to 200 pieces per design already have a basic to very good knowledge of production process. After a second or third collection, the quantity increase and, sometimes, the brand has problems with their local garment producer. It can be because the clothing conception atelier cannot scale up or/and don’t have the capacity to produce more complicate garments or to provide a standard quality.

The Atelier helps you scale up your clothing brand and move on with a much more professional approach of your fashion business. We offer an extensive services.

Our factory help you move on with growing your brand and focus on sales and marketing while we take care of the rest.




Design Service

The Atelier Clothing Manufacturing Team can advise you and help you design the garments you want.

Technical Drawings and Tech Packs

Most of the time, establish brands productions provide their own technical drawings and tech pack. But our designers will be glad to help you move on from an idea to an actuel technical fashion specification package for production.

Pattern Making & Prototyping

Our team of specialized pattern maker will make a pattern of the design you want and we will then move on with sampling. When the sample will be approve, we will move with the grading of your collection. From there, you can either decide to ask for a set of new prototype per size or to move on with production. You are of course more than welcome to come visit us at our design studio to directly discuss with our designers and pattern makers to adapt your designs.

Fabric sourcing

We can help you source the fabric you want. We have an extensive in house fabric selection of plain and printed fabrics that might have the exact fabric you want to use for your collection. Furthermore, the Atelier works with several custom print manufacturers and we can help custom print on more than 200 different types of fabrics.

Tags and Label Sourcing

For medium scale clothing production quantity we offer the sourcing of tags and label for free. We can source brand hanging tags with logo in several imprinted method. Our manufacturer can produce embroidered or printed care label and brand label.


When everything will be ready and every details of the garment specification clear and well noted, we will move on with the production of your clothing line. Unless you provide your own raw materials, our team will take care of all the sourcing and the contact with accessories and tag manufacturers and fabric suppliers.

Quality control

During the production process, we have several quality control checks in order to make sure that we prive the best manufacturing quality for your brand.


After the last quality check at the end of the production process, our dedicated team will pack the garments. We can either use our usual packing standard or use your own packing instructions.

Shipping and importation

Under the medium size production package plan, the preparation and organisation of your clothing production is free of charges.

Air shipment

We work with several shipping companies that can offer a fast and secure delivery service. Your clothing production shipment usually takes only 4 to 5 days worldwide to reach your store or warehouse.

Sea Freight

Un der the average production plan, you might be able to use a much cheaper and more ecological way to ship your collection. We can organise a cargo shipment with half a container or a full container.

Importation procedure and declaration

We organise for free all the border clearance process and the associated documents. We work with many brands worldwide and our team keeps a close look at every border clearance requirements.