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Best Apparel Manufacturer in Thailand. Premium and High end quality clothes from small scale to large scale production


Our garment factory has a production capacity of nearly 10,000 pieces per month. We produce collections for brands in Europe, the United States, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. Our factory adapt to your specific needs. Indeed, we can work on cut and sew productions as well as on  productions requiring a more assistance.  From the design to the management of the importations and the shipping to the the prototyping, the patterns, the fabric sourcing and the quality control. We can produce garments from existing prototypes, technical drawings and tech packs or help you make a collection from a simple concept or idea.

Many established fashion brands have an in-house design studio and simply outsource the production of their collection but only you know your needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of services related to the production of clothing. Our teams are there and a dedicated designer helps you produce your clothing collection.




Pattern and Prototyping

The patronage and prototyping processes will be reimbursed upon request for clothing production of more than 200 pieces per model.

Sourcing Fabric

The search for specific fabrics from suppliers not referenced by our garment design factory is offered. The costs of sending samples are refunded on request during the validation of the production.

International Shipping

We organize the preparation of customs clearance documents for your collection free of charge. In addition, we organize on request sea cargo shipment of your garment production. We offer container shipping in LCL or FOB. Sea freight is departing from Bangkok.

Quality Control

It goes without saying that quality control is offered. We also offer this service for small production quantities.


In case you would like help on the different design aspects of your collection, our fashion designers can help you to realize your collection. The team is led by Nathalie Fordeyn, an experienced fashion designer who has worked for Galliano, Diane Von Fursterberg and Sonya Rikyel for several years and for her eponymous brand, Nathalie Fordeyn. We offer three main types of clothing design services.

Technical and Commercial Studies

Depending on your target and the positioning of your brand, we define with you the numbers and types of models that will make up the collection. In this phase a first fabric search is carried out to define the right balance between design and material to create unique clothes that embody the personality of your brand. On this basis, we help you define a pricing policy based on the positioning of your brand based on the production cost the fabric cost and the various associated costs such as sending, import taxes, packaging, … This study is particularly suitable for established fashion brands wishing to launch a capsule collection or a clothing collection on a new price range or a new market and for brands who do not yet work in the garment industry and wish to expand their brand to clothing.

Print Design

Our teams can develop, according to your wishes and under your artistic direction, personalized and custom printed fabrics for your collection. In addition, we help you to define, according to the fabrics and printed matter, the best printing techniques. We are also in charge of contacting the fabric production companies to provide you with printed samples.

Technical Drawing and Tech Pack

Our teams help you to define the technical specificity of the garment. Technical drawing is particularly important if you want to have part of your collection made in another factory for reasons of feasibility or “made in”. In this case, our teams prepare a complete file allowing the garment manufacturing factories partner to produce according to clear technical specifications.

Artistic Researchs

For premium clothing brands and luxury fashion houses, more in-depth research and a more artistic approach is needed to create one or more simply exceptional luxury clothes. Nathalie Fordeyn herself takes charge of these artistic projects and works with you or your teams to get out of the ordinary and create a real collection of upscale clothing.