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High end Pattern Making Sampling

If you need to produce prototypes for your fashion brand or samples for your clothing collection, we would be glad to help. Please keep in mind that if you are searching for an atelier to ONLY MAKE YOUR PROTOTYPES with NO PRODUCTION afterwards, we do not offer an extended service.

Because of the very small number of pieces (usually 1 to 5 per design), it is a tailor made clothing production service. The development of a unique piece is a long an complicate process. We expect you to be a fashion designer if you want to make prototypes only. Indeed, we will only work based on existing clear tech pack and we will ask you to provide any fabric that we don’t have in house.





How to produce prototypes with us ?

In order to produce your prototypes, we would need as many informations as possible from you.


Tech Pack and Technical Drawing

To be able to make your samples, we would need to receive a clear Tech Pack from you. The Technical package is a document with all the information about your garment. It includes the technical drawing with measurements and design specification such as lining, where are the buttons, the zippers, ….

It also has a description and ideally a pictures of the different fabrics that you would like to use and where on the fabric you would like to use the specific fabric. Please also give the same informations for all the zippers buttons and accessories on the garment. Finally a Technical Drawing give informations about about the project including size of the sample, eventually if labels and tags are necessary and the expected delivery date.

Fabric Sourcing

Ideally, you will source your own fabrics and deliver it to the Atelier. If you cannot find the fabrics, you can use our in house fabrics without any extra cost. If you need to source specific fabrics, we can help but please understand that we will have to charge for the fabric sourcing of your samples.


Buttons, zippers and accessories

The same applies for the accessories. If you need any specific accessories that are not in our stock, you can either source the pieces or we can source it for you. Please understand that, for any particular accesory, we will have to charge for the service of accessories sourcing for your prototypes.


Brand tags, logo and care labels

We will source the logo tags , the care labels and the brand labels for your prototypes care tag for you without any extra cost but please keep in mind that there is a minimum order quantity involved.


Shipping and importation

We can organise the shipment of your prototypes by plane with a trust-able international carrier.