The Workshop

How is our atelier organized ?

Our Atelier is based in a nice four floor building. The ground floor is a creative fashion working place where fashion designers come to meet our production manager & head designer . The packaging and quality control process is also handled on the ground floor. The second floor is fully dedicated to the main pattern maker and production manager. The second and fourth floor are dedicated to cutting and production. Two spaces are created as relaxing area for the employees.

Designer line and high end production and prototyping in Asia

The creative studio, located at the ground floor is dedicated to fashion designers and high end clothing designers. There, our experienced fashion designer, Nathalie Fordeyn, Graduated from the Fashion Academy of Antwerp and experienced with Galliano and Sonia Rykiel, helps the designers to create the clothing line they imagine by giving advices on fabric and fashion design.


How did we arrange the working place and the clothing production line ?

The atelier offers great working conditions, probably the best conditions of any other clothing manufacturer in Thailand. The largest room, were all the seamstress works, are equipped with radio, refrigerator and climatiseur. The walls are clean and white with some art pieces, and fashion drawings on the wall. The ground floor of the atelier is an artistic and creative working space. The Managers and back office have their own offices perfectly equipped with internet, phones, radio, refrigerators for cold drinks and comfortable chairs and sofas.