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Best Apparel Manufacturer in Thailand. Premium and High end quality clothes from small scale to large scale production

Are you looking for a job in the clothing industry in Thailand?

The Atelier Chiang Mai is different from other manufacturers in Thailand. The working conditions are very nice with a clean and friendly environment, full facilities including kitchen and large tables outside for lunch in a beautiful garden. The working space is white clean with fans and air conditioning during the summer. We don’t just want to make clothes, we also want to live in a nice environment and we want everyone to enjoy coming at work in the morning. We have more than 20 opened jobs position in the clothing industry in Thailand. We also have positions for seamstress that are looking to work from home in Chiang Mai Region.

The atelier Chiang Mai is growing fast, and we are now looking to develop our team of 40 talented clothing professionals. The factory is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. Enjoy the several benefits of the Atelier including holidays and special end of the year benefits.

Do you work or would like to work in the clothing industry ?

The Atelier Chiang Mai is looking for qualified seamstresses searching for new job opportunities in Chiang Mai. Come and join a Team of 30 motivated and happy staff and develop your career with the Atelier Chiang Mai.

Finding a seamstress job in Thailand

At the atelier chiang mai, we are always looking for motivated people that are looking for a seamstress job in Chiang Mai. It does not matter if you are not very experienced yet, our staff will help you improve your sewing skills and becoming a better sewer. Furthermore, if you are looking for factory that pays the seamstress well in Thailand, you came to the right place.

  • Becoming a professional seamstress – 1-5 years’ experience
  • Seamstress in Thailand – 5 to 10 years’ experience
  • Experienced Seamstress in Chiang Mai – 10 + Years’ experience

Commercial / Production Assistant – Clothing Factory

The Atelier is looking for an assistant to manage the production for our clients. The Assistant does not need to have previous experiences but would need to be eager to learn and to speak English correctly.

Needed Skills
  • Speaks English correctly
  • Good social skill, motivated, curious, organized and proactive
  • Previous experience in the Clothing industry is a plus
  • Previous experience in the design industryis a plus

The assistant of production will work closely with the Head Designer Nathalie Fordeyn and the Head Manager.

Her tasks will mainly be:
  • Receiving production request from client/li>
  • Sourcing Fabrics from our Fabric Manufacturer Data Base/li>
  • Managing production with client and production team
  • Translate