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Clothes Production small to large scale

“The Atelier” is a creative workshop based in Maejo, Chiang mai Province Thailand. We can either produce large quantity clothes production for fashion brands or small quantity clothes production for anyone who wants to wear a unique fashion piece.

  • Small Scale Production to test your concept – Low MOQ of 50 pieces per design size mix
  • Medium Scale Production for emerging and developing brands that are developing.
  • Large Scale Production for established brands.

The Atelier produces high quality clothes and textile accessories such as bags and scarves. We are a very professional workshop with detailed production process. We also provide contractual guarantees on several points such as deadline engagements, Quality control, Respect of Human Rights and Environmental issues. Working with the Atelier means working with a reliable, professional and flexible clothing production partner in Asia.


Ask for more than just production.

Unlike other apparel production company in Asia, our clothing factory does not only offers a garment production service. We do provide many services, such as Fabric sourcing, Fashion design, pattern making and sampling, several finishing options, fashion advice, and much more. The most requested services that we offer as a clothing factory are the following.


Clothing line design, sourcing and fully integrated Production service

Some of our international clients prefer to focus on marketing and communication and does need a professional fashion industry manufacturing partner that could take care of all the creation and production process. In this case, we do offer a fully integrated service. We discuss directly with the client about the positioning of the clothing line in term of price, quality, and marketing and we start to create, in close relation with the fashion brand, the different styles of the collection.

Our Fashion Designer Director, Nathalie Fordeyn is in charge of this projects. She worked for several years as fashion designer for Galliano, Sonia Rykiel, Diane Von Fursterberg and several other fashion houses in europe and in the USA and is perfectly skilled to help you create and produce your own clothing line. We will take care of everything by proposing you several designs and, from your selection, we will source the fabrics and create the first patterns and prototypes according to your price and quality positioning. After validation and modification of the designs based on the prototypes, we will take care of the production, the quality control and the shipment.

Simply great service of a Clothing Manufacturer in Thailand

On the contrary, you might already have worked in the industry for several years and, thanks to a great understanding of the different phases of the clothing line manufacturing process, you already know how to create fashion technical pack and already have different fabric suppliers that can directly deliver at our apparel factory in Thailand.

In this case, we can directly start the clothing sample making process or the clothes production and sewing. Based on the tech pack and the material, our team of pattern maker and seamstress will be able to manufacture clothes as you request.

Apparel Production as you need

In between this two extreme, we can provide “a la carte” services. You might prefer to come directly to visit us during the production process in order to take care of the quality control by yourself. On the other side, you might have your own shipping company and would prefer to directly organize the shipment and border control process. We are a very flexible clothing factory and we are ready to work the way you prefer. Just let us know !

Why should you choose our clothes factory for your Apparel Production ?

We speak French, English, Thai, Dutch, Spanish and Italian. Our team of highly skills designers, pattern makers and seamstress will be there to help you produce the clothes you want. The Workshop Thailand works based on a strict ethical chart  and environmental engagement that are often considered exceptional in the textile industry in Asia. We do want to produce high quality clothes at a reasonable price while respecting the environment and improving the life of the workers.

European Standard Manufacturer Service Guarantee

The Atelier Chiang Mai as been created by two European and Thai fashion industry professionals. Their objective is to create a trust-able clothing factory in Asia that works with European standard and mindset.


Ethical and responsible Asian apparel factory – Environment and Human Rights

At the clothes workshop, we pride ourselves to be different, not only in term of client relation and quality but also in term on Ethical responsibility. Our Quality Charts include several principles including

Fashion has to be more respectful of the environment. The Atelier Chiang Mai is a precursor in term of environmental compliance. We only source material from environmentally trusted supplier and we optimize our production in term of loss. Furthermore, we implemented a clear waste recycling production system that is probably one of the most advanced of all the garment production factories in Thailand. At least for clothes manufacturing plant of our scale.

Fashion Industry had to be more respectful in term of human rights. In Asia, most of the labor works in very poor conditions. In some countries such as India or Bangladesh, people are paid less than 50 euros a month for a 12 hour per day job, six days a week. Outside of the wage consideration, most of the apparel factories in Asia are clearly dirty and filthy, usually extremely warm and without any air recycling System. I am not even going to mention the child labor practice in clothes factories in Asia. Closer to us, a the clothing production in Vietnam is booming but the conditions of the workers are extremely bad. At the Atelier, the workers are all very experienced with an average age of 38 years old. Furthermore, they all have a good salary and they work in very good conditions.

Clothing Production deadline in Asia

It is complicated to find a apparel manufacturer that you can trust in term of deadline. Indeed, for many garment manufacturer in southeast Asia, time is sometime consider differently than in other part of the world. The atelier Chiang Mai, thanks to an optimized production process and a responsible management is a clothing manufacturer you can trust as we guarantee the respect of the planning and delivery deadline.


The textile industry in thailand

Thailand, and especially Chiang Mai has always been famous for the quality of it's silk, natural and handmade fabrics.

The atelier works with many Thai textile supplier in Chiang Mai, in Asia but also in United States and in Europe. We can help you find the most amazing Fabric and Produce the clothes, desses, coats, tops or any other garments you love.