Production Brands and Fashion Businesses


The Apparel Factory chiang mai offers a fully integrated solution

Our fashion workshop in Thailand can help you through the all creative and production process of your clothing line. Our manufacturing services does not only include production but also the full range of services around the garment production industry. As professionals, we take care of every step of your apparel fashion line production process. Would you want to manufacture your clothing line with a professional garment factory in Asia ? Don’t search further. Our team of european designers, experienced in the largest European fashion brands such as Galliano, Dine Von Furstenberg and Sonia Rikyel,  and thai seamstress have already helped create clothing lines and we have supported many fashion start up.


Manufacturing clothing line in Asia

The Atelier produces handmade clothes for several established fashion brands. As we also do have our own brand, Nathalie Fordeyn – Paris, we know the main problems that a fashion brand can face while producing clothes in Asia. This is why we provide the following guarantees  :

  • Quality control of every garment or piece before Shipment.
  • Production planning and guarantee
  • Human rights and Ethical Chart
  • Ecological Chart


Our Production process

Furthermore, as a privileged partner, we provide a global service to our clients. We either can offer a totally integrated production service but also in case of special request, a particular manufacturing service. Our production process includes the standard European apparel manufacturing procedures :

How to manufacture my fashion label clothing production with the atelier

Working with a garment workshop in english and other languages

Finally, as a worldwide manufacturing partner, we can communicate in several languages including :

  • English
  • French
  • Thai
  • Dutch
  • Spanish

Fashion Brands production

    Chiang mai clothing manufacturing produce garments for many different fashion brands around the world.
  • Nathalie Fordeyn – Paris
  • Finger Crossed – Thailand
  • Wakoo – Paris
  • Things that make you Happy – Belgium
  • 2 Brands (under NDA) – USA
  • 2 Brands (under NDA) – Singapor
  • 1 Brand (under NDA) – UK