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The technical drawing or the Tech Pack is one of the most important tools for the designer and for the garment factories. When you want to create your clothing brand, you have to learn a lot in a very short time. Between the creation of the company, the commercial procedures, the marketing actions, and all the rest, it is sometimes difficult to find the time to make a technical drawing and to learn how to make a Tech Pack. The Chiang Mai Workshop makes your life easier and helps you create your collection. We can assist you on all stages of production and prototyping. However, the process of creating the garment must come from you. The garment factory must understand your design to avoid having to go back and forth with prototypes which may increase the cost and delay your project.

What is Technical Drawing and a Tech Pack?

The technical drawing is a non-artistic drawing allowing the manufacturer to understand your design and all its specificities. In concrete terms, a well-made technical drawing will enable the clothing production plant or workshop to make a prototype that is as close as possible to your expectations. Conversely a bad technical drawing will leave a lot of margin of error and the manufacturer will try to interpret your drawing as he can. Because of this you could have a simple seam overlay while you wanted to have a French seam. You could also find yourself with a pocket too high or too low or buttons instead of zippers.

Basically the technical drawing is the detailed design of the garment. It is only a part of the tech pack which also has informations about fabrics and accessories that you would like to add. Usually, on a tech pack, you need to add all the extra informations that cannot be seen on the drawings such as pictures of the zippers, the buttons, the threads, the exact sizing, the order quantity per size, the expected delivery date, the size of the prototype and any possible further information

Use our "Easy Tech Pack" Form


This is definitely the best solution if you want to explain your clothing design to our clothing factory. You basically just need to answer a form with several questions.

For each designs, we will basically just ask you few questions such as the fabrics that you want to use, the accessories other important design specifications. We can work based on simples pictures and comments.

From there we will have a much better understanding of your clothing design and we will be able to discuss the few remaining details thanks to a phone call. We will quickly be good to move on to the sampling process.

Use "Techpacker"


Techpacker is definitely a good way to create your technical package. The software is easy to use. It is also a very good solution if you want to go a little bit further than our <strong>Easy Tech Pack</strong> Solution but without the difficult and technical work of <strong>making a technical drawing</strong> and a tech pack entirely by yourself.

The solution is free for 7 days but is charged monthly afterwards.

Make a clothing technical pack yourself


The best way to start your collection is by doing a tech pack yourself. If you never did it, it can be pretty long. But in the long term, if you would like to become a fashion designer, launch your brand and produce several collections, you should definitely learn how to make technical drawings of clothes.

Ideally, the best is to work with a software but if your designs are clean and clear, you can create a technical pack with just a pencil. Check our <strong>complete guide on how to make technical drawings for clothes</strong>.

Use a Tech Pack Pro Service


Have your Tech Pack done by an independent

In addition, if you do not feel able to make a clear technical drawing, do not hesitate to call on independent fashion designers to draw the clothes of your collection. There are many sites to do this. A search on google or through other internet search services should help you find help.

To make a Technical pack with the designers of the Atelier

Also know that we can help you make your technical drawing. This paid service allows you to interact with one of our designers who will study your project, ask you different questions about design and make a first proposal for technical drawing accompanied by tissue samples. You will have all the elements to directly make a perfect prototype and exactly as you wish. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information about this service.

How to make a technical drawing of clothes ?

Make a tech pack

As a fashion designer, you must be able to clearly specify your need to the design studio or clothing factory. To make a technical drawing, the ideal would be to know how to use design softwares. However, if this is not the case, do not worry, you can also simply take a picture of a manikin, cut it out and start drawing your piece on the manikin. Remember to draw the back and front piece. Make clear and well-supported lines. When possible, draw your features to a ruler. In addition, feel free to add arrows for important measurements such as length from top to bottom, shoulder width and length of sleeves for a given size. In addition, specify the type of seam you want. Finally, detail the materials that you intend to use and possibly accessories (zippers, buttons, …). Feel free to add photos as a reference for both the model and the fabrics and accessories. You should know that you can also use technical drawing software for clothing design.


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